Report for Eagle-required badges needed

I’d like to find out which Eagle-required badges are most needed in our troop. Is there a way to run a report? Thank you!

I would try the Report Builder interface at My Dashboard → My Units → Reports → Report Builder Manager.

There was just a similar request here:

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I used Report Builder Manager to create my own custom report. It looks like this:

When you design the report, select the Scout(s) that you want, and then:

  1. Click on Merit Badges
  2. Select Eagle-required Merit Badges (select all in this group)
  3. Under Settings (near the bottom) you can choose your options such as:
    -Show Current Rank
    -Show Next Rank
    -Show Next Rank % Complete
    -Abbreviate Last Names
    -Show Emblem Icons
    -Auto-Select New Scouts According to “All” Checkboxes {if you want to automatically add new members to the report)
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Thank you! When I go to Report Builder Manager, I don’t see how to click on scouts’ names. I can click on “My Reports” and “Shared Reports,” which I assume would give past reports, but there are no scouts listed… I must be missing a step?

@JanetMathis - do you see this:

On the left side of the screen, do you see: “New Scouts BSA Rpt”?

Yes! I got it… thank you all!

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