Camping Logs tied to Calendar

The camping logs for our scouts are now showing all or random missing entries for each of the scouts. This is a fairly recent issue (within the last week). Was there an update or something that would have caused this?

Adam, are you expecting the logs to match attendance int he calendars? Scoutbook does not tie them together. Logs are independently entered.

Adam - a bit more specific details would help in diagnosing the issue. As Gary pointed out, if you were expecting to get log data from attendance on the calendar then that will not happen.

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, it has a feature where after you take attendance for a campout, you can use that attendance to pre-fill Quick Entry for the Logs.

Okay, we are using the Chrome extension to help autofill the fields for the camping quick entry. However, the ones that were entered in April are now missing. Also, for some of the new Scouts that joined, some of their camping logs were showing camping from the cub scout days. I’ve since added everything back the normal way, and I’m now noticing the chrome extension is not functioning now either.

Hi, Adam,

Not sure why you’re having trouble with the extension. It’s working fine for me in this application. I haven’t had any scouts’ logs change unexpectedly. What platform and browser/extension versions are you using?

Generally, the logs are not “cleared” after the youth transitions from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA. If you go into the youth’s profile and set the “Date Joined Scouts BSA”, that date can be used in evaluating (for example) what campouts count toward OA and which ones are too early.

Also, in our troop I’ve recommended that youth/parents add [CS] to the front of each Cub Scout activity in the logs (camping, hiking, and service) to make it easier to quickly screen events for relevance to troop-level advancement. It’s an extra step, but since the Cub Scout level activities can count toward certain Scouts BSA level awards (e.g. National Outdoor Awards), “clearing” the logs would be undesirable.