Clicking on Activity Logs for my son links to Internet Advancement

I’m in my son’s account (Troop, Life Scout), I want to see his camping log, but when I click on the Activity Logs option, I am sent to a new window to log into Internet Advancement. The link is going to this website:

Yes, the service, hiking, camping logs were moved to Internet Advancement about a month ago. Are you having trouble accessing them?

Not having trouble accessing them now, but there is nothing there. He had 44 days in the Scoutbook camping log, but now nothing in IA.

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On profile you do not see it on the right side?

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I see that area, but it is empty. Should have 44 nights of camping at least.


hmmmm - first we have heard of this - send an email to - include the council, unit, scout name and BSA # - and of course what you are seeing (or not seeing) - you will get a auto-reply with a ticket number (SSD-######) - post that here when you get it

@RyanKane When you click on “Camping”, do you then see an option on the next screen to “Download Previous Logs”

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No, there is nothing there. Wondering if it is because the Troop we are in uses TroopWebHost and not Scoutbook. The Scoutbook accounts I have are personal since our Pack used it and we’ve been in other Troops that used it too, but the current one doesn’t so I just maintain them myself.

If the logs were in Scoutbook, then it shouldn’t matter.

However, I’m wondering if your Scout’s Membership is approved in Scoutbook, if his troop is not using it?

@JenniferOlinger that is interesting not sure if that has been tested

@RyanKane Can you go to your Scout’s Membership page and see if there is a green shield with checkmark next to his Scouts BSA membership with his current troop?


Please scroll down and look for:

[Scout]'s Membership

and click on the link. Where [Scout]'s is your son’s name.


OK, so it’s looks like his membership is approved.

Please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support as @DonovanMcNeil recommended above.

Here is the response from Scoutbook support:


Can you share the reply?

@MargaretBrown If you are having the same issue, please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support:

Include as much identifying information as you can (Scout’s full name, BSA member number, unit number council name, etc.).

…and post the SSD number back here so the SUAC can coordinate the issues as similar/related for IT review.

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Just got the response - they found he had two records. They needed to be merged and now I will have to wait 24 hours for it to sync.