Not finding a way to take attendance

Not finding a way to take attendance at unit meetings…


This is a known issue. The workaround is to first turn on RSVP for the event. After RSVP is turned on, you can take attendance after the event start time.

If I go to Event → Event Details → Edit Event → ATTENDEES / Select All → and then start deselecting Scout who were there, is that functionality intended to be attendance?

@edavignon Will this be fixed so we don’t have to do the work around?


It is on the developers list of things to fix. I don’t have an ETA I can share.


No. Once attendance is activated, there is a slider next to each invitees name. Turn the slider on to indicate they were present.

Will attendance for meetings going to carryover to the new calendar. Attendance is required for some honor programs.

@ArnoldSauther Which honor programs?

It is the same underlying database.

In the scoutbook calendar, I have a PLC meeting where “RSVP” is not turned on. But yet, I can still take attendance in that scoutbook entry.

From what I am seeing in Internet Advancement calendar and the discussion forums, I will be required to turn on RSVP’s in order to take attendance? If so, I completely disagree with this functional change. This goes along with the idea that I shouldn’t have to ask for an RSVP for a weekly troop meeting.

Thanks for everyone’s efforts on this amazing tool. You can see by everyone’s passion and involvement that these tools are central for executing a high quality program. I know my troop is better for it!

@Greg_Root You can turn the rsvp on after the meeting has already occurred, and therefore you aren’t actually asking for anyone to rsvp.

That said, we agree that that’s an unnecessary step. The developers should be streamlining this.

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It seems it still has a bug. So, what I suggested does not actually work.

Yet another example of functionality that we had, but will be gone once 9 November arrives. We should NOT have to use “work arounds” when we have the functionality now. It is clear that years worth of attendance data is missing from the IA calendar. The comments that we keep getting from developers and volunteers regarding this are not helpful (the reply about honors programs - maybe Honor Patrol if I had to guess - just a bit snarky, I got one when I asked about birthdays.) HERE IS THE DEAL: We need our attendance data from the last several years before the switch (we use the info to track if a Scout is “active” and when he went camping and service hours attendance, etc. I don’t need you tell me a work around. I need you to give me a fix or wait until you have a functioning platform before you switch. That is all we are asking.

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@MarkCorbett personally, I have always found going event to event to “look” at attendance to be very clunky. Thus, I have taken to using the Attendance Report available at the Unit level Report menu.

It works now with current data and will continue to work post migration because the data does NOT go away. As it has been iterated, both calendars use the exact same database, it is simply a new UI presentation. Thus, this report functions and will continue to function. Give it a try and see what you think.


@ZacharyMcCarty - thank you Zach…

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Ok, my turn. Not sure how this is “clunky” You click on the event on the Scoutbook calendar and this is the page you see. Star - there, no star - no there. How is that clunky? I’m sorry we can agree to disagree on this one. It tool me like 2 mouse clicks to get this picture, many more going via IA Calendar. If it’s an ugly baby, it’s an ugly baby - own it.

That would be extremely clunky if one wanted any kind of summary overtime. That interface is great… for a single event. Anymore that that, it stinks.

I have updated the help file to include a little better description on how to do attendance. As others have noted the project manager for the tool has indicated to us that this will be improved. The help guide can be found here:

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Clearly I was referring to a single event. The notion that I should print an attendance report for a query of a single day is where the new calendar system is cumbersome. I see the workaround, not ideal, but it will have to work since everyone seems to think we have perfection. I’m not asking for anyone to explain how to use the system or sell me on the virtues of the IA calendar. I am not asking you to agree with me. The switch will happen and I, like everyone else, will live with it.

Feedback was solicited and that is what this is. It’s a gift, right?


We have said MULTIPLE times, having to turn on RSVP to take or see attendance is a bug that will be fixed. You do not have to keep bringing up the fact that this workaround is not ideal. We know it is not ideal but you need to give the developers a chance to fix it. The BSA is not Microsoft. They do not have multiple buildings worth of developers.