NOVA Awards Not Present For AOLs

This summer my pack is working on the Up & Away Nova Award. As the packs Nova & Supernova Mentor I have been tracking progress week-by-week and updating the award progress for the packs scouts. I have been unable to track progress for the packs AOLs. There are no options to enter requirement completions for individual AOL (for any Nova), and the AOLs are not presented on the list of eligible scouts when attempting quick entry. Is there a different way to track progress for AOL?


Because Nova awards were moved from national awards to Council awards, BSA IT did not dedicate any resources to make them available to AOL dens. You will need to track them outside of Scoutbook or Scoutbook Plus.


You could temporarily change the den level back to Webelos in order to access the awards.

Switching Den levels is not recommended as it seems to cause issues with Ranks

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