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Nova Emblem / Pi Device In accuracies

Our son earned his first Nova (Cub Scouts Can Code), awarded Jan 11th. He has since earned 3 more (Wild, Science Everywhere, and Out of this World) which are currently leader approved. In the needs awarding report, the Science Everywhere is showing as an emblem with the nova patch icon even though he already earned the patch. The other two are showing as Pi Devices. In the purchase order, it’s reflecting one emblem for him (which should be Pi Device) and one Pi Device (should be 3 devices total). There are other scouts in our pack who have earned Pi Devices who are also being reflected incorrectly. Other scout 1, earned 2 Pi Devices but PO reflects only one. Other scout 2, earned 2 Pi Devices but is being reflected as 1 emblem and 1 Pi Device. Saw an old, similar, report of this by someone that didn’t have access to the purchase order and thought I should report it since something seems obviously wrong. Thanks in advance for your help.


I am unable to duplicate this problem. When you look at your son’s page, what does the Nova emblem look like? Does it have 2 or 3 pi devices?

It has 3.

Can you give me the completion dates of each of the Nova awards. The order they were completed may be important to reproduce the problem.

Hi Ed. I received a private message from Jessica regarding this issue, fyi.
Regarding your question on dates, here is the information.

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