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November 14, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Payment Log
    • Fixed a typo in a payment log tool tip

New Features

  • Calendar
    • The calendar now has the ability to put a link to your meeting or event location. On the Edit event page, you will see Location Map URL: This can contain a link to a mapping site or a general web page for your location. Once saved, the location name becomes a clickable link which will go to the specified URL.
    • The calendar now supports limited BB Code in the event description. The valid codes are
  • Cyber Chip
    • Cyber Chip for Grades 4-5 has been added to the Scouts BSA award list. Since a Scout may cross over to Scouts BSA while still in the 5th grade, Cyber Chip for grades 4-5 is needed. The blue Cyber Chip patch displayed on the Scout’s profile if it was earned while a while the Scout was a Webelos or in a Troop.
  • Youth Protection Training
    • Scoutbook now imports Youth Protection Training for youth once a day. The status is shown on the Scout’s training page. An upcoming enhancement to Roster Builder will display YPT status for both adults and youth.