OA Quick Entry - Adults

I am juggling those that are currently active in OA for the year and those who aren’t… I went to do a quick entry for OA members to set them all to “inactive” while I wait for those that want to participate to pay their dues.

Anyway, I noticed the adults are not part of the quick entry section for OA Members. It would be nice if they were as we have several adults that are involved in OA as well.

What would be better is the LodgeMaster tie in and then active/dues paying would be auto pulled.

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The OA Quick Entry is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

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Yes that would be awesome to see some integration between LodgeMaster and Scoutbook so I wouldn’t have to track all these things myself hahaha

omg im so sorry i forgot i installed that extension … im so sorry jesus ignore me

No probelm. You may want to ask in Feature Assistant - Scouting Forums

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