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Adult Integration with Camping, Service, Hiking Log

Scoutbook needs to improve the accessibility to adult volunteers camping, hiking and service logs. We should be able to “quick add” adults in our activities along with our youth. When it comes to adult nominations to the OA there is a camping requirement that needs to be met. Currently we have not way of accessing the adult camping log unless we ask the adult and since there is no priority of adult achievements, they currently are not taking the time to enter their own activities.

When the youth is updated using the “quick add” feature for an activity, the units adult leadership should also be available to enter.

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This has been previously requested and is in the backlog. The problem is the Scoutbook permission system does not currently allow adults to see the logs of other adults. To implement this requires a rewrite of the permission system so this is not a quick change.

At this time we do not know when it might be scheduled for development work.


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