October 13, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Connection Manager
    • An issue that caused a server error when changing positions via connection manager has been fixed.
  • Far East Council Addresses
    • Members of Far East Council will no longer be required to enter a zip code when entering or editing their addresses.
  • Rank Completion
    • An issue that prevented a user from opening the Completion Date pop-up on Star or Life rank if Requirement 3 was not completed and a completion date was present. Users will now be able to open the pop-up window to clear the completion date.
  • Unit Roster Warning Icons
    • The warning icon :warning: will no longer appear next to adults that are Unit Commissioners provided they hold no other unregistered position in the unit.

New Features

  • Youth Leadership
    • Youth Leadership needing adult leader approval will now appear on the Needs Approval report.
  • Merit Badge Counselor List (Council Admins)
    • Council Admins (CA) only now have the ability to prevent Merit Badge Counselors (MBC) in their Council from setting their Listing Preference to Unit and/or District. When the CA restricts the listing preference, any MBCs that have selected the now restricted option will have Listing Preference set to Council. Restricted options will be grayed out on the MBC’s position page.
  • Training Link
    • The Training on a Scout’s page was still going to the legacy Scoutbook training page which is no longer supported. The Training link will now only appear for leaders that have access to the Scout’s training records. It redirects to my.scouting.org where the official training records are maintained.