October 27, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Needs Approval Report
    • An issue that caused the Needs Approval Report to time out and produce a Whoops error when run by large units has been fixed.
  • OA Elegibility Report
    • For Sea Scouts - report updated to include Long Cruise Nights numbers into Long Term Camping Nights
  • Payment Log
    • An issue that prevented some units from accessing payment logs for former members has been fixed.
  • Payment Log Report
    • Fixed an issue with users in multiple subunits causing an incorrect amount in summary of report
    • Adjusted the algorithm to classify users as S/L/P/U (Scout, Leader, Parent, or Unit)
    • Fixed the subunit label presentation for users who are members of multiple subunits (Dens/Patrols) and labeled as “Multiple subunits”
  • Scout Training Link
    • An issue that caused the training link to go to an error page for some Scouts has been fixed.

New Features

  • Distinguished Conservation Award
    • The image of the Distinguished Conservation Award has been added to Scoutbook.
  • Payment Log Report
    • Added support for parents to run the Payment Log Report on their children from the report menu within the My Account page
  • Reports Menu for Parents
    • The Reports Menu has been added to the dashboard for parent Scoutbook accounts.
  • Scout Shop Changes
    • Michigan Crossroads Council Scout Shops list has been updated.
    • The closed Laguna Hills Scout Shop has been removed from the Orange County Council list.
  • Unit Roster Warning Icon
    • The :warning: icon for members not registered in the unit has been added to the Den, Patrol and Not in a Patrol lists.

Edit: Added Needs Approval Report fix.

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