Offline access to enter progress

This would be an amazing feature to add. I saw in a search that the topic was brought up and the response was it was discussed several years ago and decided not to have this feature. Has there been any discussion recently? With the increased use of technology and the push from National to make Scoutbook the official platform to track advancement, it would just make it that much more attractive.

Our Troop currently uses Troopmaster and whenever we have to renew the license it always comes back to not wanting to give up the option of marking off requirements (not just completions like the Internet Advancement offline option allows) as soon as a Scout completes it. It saves so much time after an event (like a Campout) when all you have to do is sync and not go back and enter everything from notes and allows for less mess ups with things being forgotten.

Scouts and their parents can record advancement offline in the Scouting Mobile App which will then be synced back to Scoutbook when a connection is restored.

There is currently no offline capability for Scoutbook itself.

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Yes, we try NOT to allow parents to sign off their scout and they aren’t typically at events. I do understand that the leader would still have to approve.

For a leader to be able to do is what I was asking to see if any plans or discussions have been had about making this enhancement.

Nothing can be signed off in the Scouting App. It only allows advancement to be marked complete, meaning the Scout is ready to be tested.

You posted in the Scouting Mobile App forum. The Scouting Mobile App is only for Scouts and parents. There are not plans at this time to make the Scouting Mobile App available to leaders.

Internet advancement has an off-line feature. Eventually Scoutbook functionality will be integrated with Internet Advancement. There are no dates when that will be complete but that is the direction the BSA is going in.

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