Mobile App for Leaders

This Mobile Application would allow Leaders to edit Advancement, Calendar Events, and Unit Settings all from an Android, Apple, or Windows internet enabled mobile device.

We pretty much have that by going to in your mobile browser. I don’t think there is anything I can’t do on the phone (besides things that require the plugin).

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I think that the a key item missing from either of the web-based platforms is an offline option. There are plenty of places, including my own unit meeting location, where 'net connectivity is not a given, even over mobile data. The ability to have an offline option for leaders that queues a data update to synchronize to the primary database when a data connection is available would be helpful.

The presence or absence is not a deal-breaker for me, obviously. However, I can see requesting something like that be considered early in the architecting stage so that the appropriate hooks can be left for the offline option to be hung on, even if its implementation priority is set very low, as it were.

ETA: I meant to indicate that this was one of several key items, not the only item. Darned fingers…constantly getting me in trouble. :wink:


This is key. It would be a big feature and basically only available in a true app. The “Scouting” app has an option for “offline” use, but I don’t know what you get access to. Also, this app is not for unit management.

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Someone on SUAC can correct me if I have this wrong, but I’m pretty sure that is a progressive web app, which means that as long as the “app” is visited prior to being offline, the PWA can “work offline” from the cache.

I don’t think they have a “sync” mechanism that would put items into the main database if recorded offline.

@AprilMcMillan1 does not have that capability - it was looked at years ago but a previous head killed it. Internet Advancement ( has several offline features as long as you already have the page loaded.

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