Manage Advancements from Scouting App

We are currently using the Troop Master mobile app to track and record all Scout advancements and Merit Badges during our Troop meetings. This makes it very easy and convenient for all ASM’s to keep the advancements up to date. I do not see this functionality in the Scouting app. I have Troop Admin rights, but I was only able to connect with my son. Is this type of functionality available in the Scouting app? If it is not, this make it much more difficult for us to track advancements.

@ChristopherRyan1 - the scouting app is at this time primarily for a scout and the parent/guardians.

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@Stephen_Hornak is correct that the functionality isn’t present in the Scouting app, which is intended for use by scouts (or their parents) for updating their own accounts/logs/advancement/awards. However, leaders have access to do everything that you noted in the web interface to Scoutbook ( I know that there have been requests for an “offline” format for leader access to Scoutbook (I asked at least once), but it’s not clear where this is in the priority queue, if it’s there at all. We don’t have ready 'net access in our meeting location, which makes asynchronous/offline leader validation of entries very valuable for us.

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