Council Submitted Wrong Eagle Board Date To National

Need help with an incorrect Eagle rank date in Scoutbook. Council recorded in error 3/10/2023 as Eagle Board date. I discovered error when picking up his Eagle packet. They submitted a change to National, and I received a new Eagle packet with corrected date (4/18/2023). Scoutbook remains unchanged, and I am unable to complete Eagle Palms because of the date error. Council office staff was unable to correct or explain why Scoutbook continues to shown incorrect date.

@DavidCraig what is Eagle MIB (BSA #)

129283871 do not post names please

I think council just asked for a corrected certificate instead of correcting in System - your council can go in and fix the date @DavidCraig

I spent 30 minutes at Council office with no reasonable explanation or course of action.

“Council office staff was unable to correct or explain why Scoutbook continues to shown incorrect date.”

I can see all databases and none are changed is all I can tell you. Jalin Rich set the date they should be able to change it

Thanks for the help.

@DavidCraig we believe Eagle Certificate printing was transferred back to councils a few months ago (instead of Supply Group) so they may have just re-printed it correctly

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@DonovanMcNeil - you are correct that full eagle processing is a local council thing

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Eagle processing has been with councils for years - BUT they used to have to send off for certificate printing to supply group, we believe it is back with councils now (it is just a laser printer).

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@DavidCraig Your local council should be able to correct the date with their Registrar Tools. After the date is updated, it should sync over to Scoutbook. (You might need to wait for an overnight process to run on the sync.)

If they aren’t able to change the date, they can submit a help ticket to National.

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Thanks to all for the advice and guidance. Sharing with Council office staff in hopes they can help resolve.

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