One Advancement Software Suite!

Recently, you may have noticed when you click on a menu item in Scoutbook, it opens a screen in Internet Advancement. We want to share with you what is happening.

We have moved all advancements to one database. This database is shared amongst platforms such as Internet Advancement, Scoutbook, the Scouting App, MyScouting, and Registrar Tools.

Over the next weeks and months, we will continue to migrate more and more functionality from Scoutbook to Internet Advancement to reduce syncing of data and improve performance. When the migration is complete, users will see changes they have entered in real time in reports and across all platforms.

We know that you like Scoutbook (We do, too!) Our focus is to maintain the functions and capabilities that Scoutbook provides in Internet Advancement such as profile update, unit advancement tracking, activity entry, calendaring, messaging, quick entry, and unit financial logging.

Eventually, we will have one app suite for advancement that is based under Internet Advancement and the Scouting App. After the full migration is complete, our next task will be to add enhancements that you have requested from the field and to continue to improve this tool for your use in serving the youth in your community.

Keep an eye on the change logs for updates: