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Internet Advancement - Advancement History Report - Multiple Scouts

Internet Advancement
Advancement History Report

I would like to select multiple scouts for the Advancement History Report in Internet Advancement and have each scout’s information print on it’s own page. It is a summary report showing dates of each rank, each merit badge earned, and awards. Currently when I select multiple scouts they get consolidated on a single report. I can produce the report for each scout but I have to do each scout individually (very time consuming - we have over 60 scouts in our unit). This was a report that was available on the old Internet Advancement system.

I do not want to see individual requirements for each rank on the report as in the Scouts BSA History Report. I’ve tried using Report Builder in Scoutbook but not getting the summary report that I want.

Have you looked at the Individual Advancement Record (Scouts BSA Only) in Scoutbook?

Yes - as I mentioned in my original post I don’t want to get the individual requirements for each rank.

Super Individual Advancement Report
The individual advancement report has the ranks, merit badges, and fits on one page, but has all of the requirements and no “extra” awards. So, I would word the request as this: make a “super” individual advancement report that has a second
page of awards earned beyond ranks and merit badges. It has the “extra” of requirements, but meets your other needs. If you were to print this “new” requested report on 2 sides, you would have 1 page per scout (front and back).

Add “break page on each scout” In Recognition Report
This report seems to be what you want, but you want each scout on one page. Add a checkbox to the “Recognition Report” configuration to break the page on each scout.

Can we consolidate this thread with @JeffreyBrandon other thread requesting essentially the same changes?

Is there a command to consolidate? If not, I suggested to @JeffreyBrandon to put it here since it was a feature request.

Thanks - I asked for the other thread to be deleted. But if they are merged that is just as well. I didn’t realize there was a New Feature Forum.

Matt / Steve, you can rename to whatever makes sense. If you are suggesting modifying an existing report in SB - the Individual Advancement Report, then I don’t understand why the existing report in Internet Advancement - the Advancement History Report can’t be modified. This would provide me exactly what I am looking for.

So it will be up to “the powers that be” if they want to take on these changes, but it would be MUCH easier to convince TPTB to make a change like adding a page break check box to a current report options vs. making a whole new report.


This duplicate topic is more appropriately discussed on this thread:

But the feature request has been added to the report development queue.