New Scouts Missing From Scoutbook

We recently approved 7 applications through my.scouting and they are not appearing in scoutbook after 2 days. They typically appear the next day. Is there any way to re-sync?

post BSA #'s and we can look @MatthewKoch

I approved an online app Thursday and the child still has not shown up on my my.scouting roster nor in scoutbook. It shows complete in the application manager of my.scouting. id from the application 14431897.

@KatherineBynum the Scout looks good in AKELA like the membership is validated and good - I setup a sync overnight to get SB set up

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Is there a delay in the systems or a glitch? Lots of people have said on Facebook that they are having a similar problem of recent online applications not showing up on their roster or in Scoutbook?

We are not sure. I’ve seen the reports on FB, too. So, we are paying extra attention to this and have asked IT to look into it. Might just need to wait an extra day or two to see what happens.

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Here they are. Not sure why has a whole extra digit.


Were those all approved in my.scouting Thursday morning? Thursday after 7 pm CT?

All Wednesday night I believe.

Yikes! I’ll report that, too. I’ve definitely seen them show up on my SB roster within hours of approval. So, I agree it’s unusual. I’m not sure if the high volume this time of year slows things down or not.

It was a short week and I’m all off. It was about 9pm CST on Thursday.

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Ok, not quite as bad but still outside of what I’ve normally seen. I don’t have a handle on how many systems have to sync and in what order for them to show up.

I approved 4 new scouts yesterday and they are not appearing in scoutbook yet either. About a week ago we had 6 approvals that showed up in scoutbook within hours. It certainly does seem like something isn’t functioning properly.

I’m encountering the same problem where the scouts I approved since Wednesday 9/7 are not showing up in scoutbook either.


Thanks for the info. We keep pushing IT for an answer. It definitely shouldn’t take 3.5 days.

I also approved 5 new scouts on Thursday that are not showing in ScoutBook.

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Approved apps for two units on Friday and still not appearing in Scoutbook. My typical experience is that scouts will appear in SB within 24 hours of approval in my.scouting.

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We are having the same problem. All 3 were approved either Thursday 9/8 or Friday 9/9.


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Same issue, approved 9/8. Application ID: 200572405

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Similar issue here. Two scouts I approved Wednesday 9/7 appeared in Scoutbook Thursday 9/8, but none of the ones I’ve approved since have come over. From looking at other posts here it seems like something may have happened between Wednesday and Thursday.

These 3 were approved 9/10 or 9/11:

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