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Is it possible on the site to send emails where there is a “lead”. Our unit Key 3 don’t log in regularly and they’ve (admittedly) been really slow to notice or become aware of new leads. It’d be nice to get a notification, but they don’t know how. (I’m asking on their behalf as I’m not currently a Key 3 myself.)

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The whole BeAScout site has never worked well. I have a unit pin listed to be found, but I put in the expanded text to not use it and to contact us directly.

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You can edit where the lead summaries go trough the “Organization Security Manager”. Log in as a Key 3 to, go to the pull-down menu, select your unit, and then Organization Security Manager. Once there, you can select which of the adult leaders get automated messages for different activates. It will go to the e-mail that is on that person’s my.scouting profile.