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"Coming Soon" pin on BeAScout

Sorry, this is a highly technical question. Probably should go through professional staff to IT support, but our registrar is bogged down with litigation research and recharters.

I’m working with our registrar to place a “Coming soon” pin on BeAScout.org for a prospective girls’ troop we’re starting in 2021. The registrar entered the basic information into ScoutNet, but a lot of the features and info did not translate to the BeAScout website (specifically, meeting locations, contact info, and the “Request more info” button. If you want to see, search zip code 97530).

Our registrar doesn’t seem to have any ability to adjust or control the pin information any more than she already has. She has assigned me as the committee chair to see if that would give me permission to do so. Interestingly, I can now see the unit in Scoutbook.com, but they are not showing up in my My.scouting.org menu.

Does any IT staff know what the hang-up might be, that would allow us to more fully update and control the pin for the prospective unit?

Well is the unit chartered? If not there are no Key 3 and they are the ones that would have access

Well, it’s not “formalized,” which is why we’re using a “Coming Soon” pin, to generate interest. We don’t have the 5 scout minimum yet. Otherwise, here’s what we have:

  1. Charter Org who’s agreed to sponsor (same as the Boys’ troop)
  2. Exec Officer and COR, who’ve been entered ScoutNet.
  3. I’ve been assigned as a Committee Chair. So we have 2 out of the Key 3 who should be able to access this stuff.

When you log in to my.scouting.org - do you see organization manager when you click menu? if so click it then on left side go to Unit Pin - you should be able to customize there though I have never used it for Coming Soon

When I click on Menu, I see the two units I’m already affiliated with, and for the pack (I’m CC) I can click on the Organization Manager. There is no option for the prospective girls’ troop listed under my Menu.

yeah that is cause the charter does not exist I think - no work around I know of for that - not even sure if council could do anything

Thanks. Do you mean that the actual charter paperwork doesn’t exist? That is true. But we have entered who the charter org will be.

Somehow, a girl troop is our district was able to create a coming soon pin well before Fall 2019. However, it still exists, and the person who created it can’t delete it. This was escalated to the DE, then the council registrar. But it is still there.

The girl troop has a second pin that is working fine.

I recommend you learn how to delete or change this type of pin at the same time you learn how to create it. :slight_smile:

And if someone knows how to delete a pin, please let me know.

Ok, duly noted, thanks.
FYI, I did a quick google search and found this. I think this is what our registrar used to create the pin, but I didn’t review her work or anything. I think our issue is that she followed the steps to enter in on ScoutNet, but she doesn’t not have access to update the Pin in My.Scouting, per pg. 6.

Only a professional can help with the COMING SOON BeAScout Pin settings… Your registrar should contact Member Care at National for personal help.

I know. I’m just trying to be Helpful, because our registrar is bogged down with litigation research and recharters. I offered to see if a solution could be found on this forum, as a more expeditious path.

I really wish we, as an entire org, would rethink some of the work processes. It is crazy when it seems that many things go through the registrar or Council Scout Executive. Every time I hear someone say registrar, I cringe. Every time I see a form that requires the Council Scout Executive or that was in a packet delivered to the Council Scout Executive, I cringe. 2 bottle neck points that need relief.


Amen, @Matt.Johnson. I’m not sure why registrar is such a vaulted position that there can be only one. For an organization that prides itself on instilling leadership in youth, organization and delegation among adults definitely appears to be lacking in areas.

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