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Not Getting Email Notifications for Applications

I am the membership coordinator for my troop. My email is correct in my.scouting.org. I don’t get email notifications from leads or applications. I started in March and I have never gotten them.
I get emails from forums and the council. I have checked my spam folder and nothing. My contact at council doesn’t know why. Any ideas? TIA

We don’t use online applications, but our point of contact is listed here at my.scouting:

Is this where you verified your contact information is listed?

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@CharleyHamilton is correct. Leads off your unit pin in beascout are sent to the person that has been identified by one of your unit Key 3.

Application notifications go to the key 3.


Thank you. I went in and checked. I am listed as a Key 3 delegate. The email address is our Scoutmaster’s. But our chairmen, also a key 3 is not listed under contact info and he gets email notifications for leads and applications.

they are very inconsistent and are not Live sends - they are queued to once a week if I recall correctly

I can say that as a Key 3 delegate for my unit, I don’t get the “new lead” emails. As far as I know, it’s only the person whose name is in the spot that I showed in my post above.

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Thanks All, I know our committee chair gets them because he forwards them to me. He isn’t listed in that spot. So there must be some other setting or no solution. Thanks for the help.

As Key 3 delegate can you access the invitation/application manager itself? If so, you could just make a point to check it a couple times a week. You’ll see right on the dashboard if there are pending inquiries or applications waiting for approval.

I am Scoutmaster for my troop. Sometimes I get the emails, sometimes I don’t. I just check both places to see if anybody is waiting for a response and then take whatever action is needed. If you can’t rely on the emails, then just bypass them.

Thanks, I was hoping to have to avoid that. I can just go in once a week and check and ask my chair to forward on anything he gets

@CourtneyCameron might be worth logging into My.Scouting and seeing what email is there for you - might be a secondary one you do not often use

Thanks, I checked and only see the one, but I will dig around some more and see if there is some old one in there.