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Online registration

I was sent some paper applications for Scouts and Adults. How can I (Scoutmaster) register these people online? Do i have to submit to the local council or can I do it myself online?

I don’t believe there is any way for a leader to convey poet applications to online. You need to turn the paper applications in to your council.

The only alternative would be to ignore the paper and send them a link to your online application.

You could have a laptop at your meeting and have them do the online registration then.

Thanks. I will for the future send the link. Until then, I am dropping off the paperwork at the local store. Good news for me is i can just put it into the mailbox after hours. That’s doable

For future paper application submissions:

Application forms contain confidential information which I suspect should not be dropped off after hours at a local BSA Scout Shop (run by the national supply group). The council registrar’s office is not likely to be at the store.

I suggest mailing the applications via certified mail, return receipt requested, to the local council service center would be a more secure method of submitting the applications.

Bottom line, for folks in this situation, contact your local council service center for information about how and where they want paper applications delivered.