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Eagle Scout Application

Can Eagle Scout Applications be submitted through Scout Book or do we also need to submit a paper copy?

Paper Copy is required to Council

Thank you - What is the Scoutbook role in this process - if any? If we submit the paper application does SB then reflect the earning of Eagle?

once approved by council it will show (Approved) in Scoutbook - also the application itself can be downloaded from Scout Reports - with most already filled out

You can download the Eagle app from Scoutbook with much of the info pre-filled. That is actually preferable because it’s less prone to error.


I agree that you cannot submit an Eagle application/packet through Scoutbook. But per the current BSA COVID FAQ, digital signatures are allowed for the application and project paperwork. Some districts and councils allow the whole process to be done digitally, while others do not.

Look at the second-to-last question on the page.
This is really something to work out with your local district/council advancement team. It seems like every locale does things slightly differently. Hope that helps.

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