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Getting Parent application and merit badge paperwork on scout book

Is there a way to mainstream the paper application for parents who would like to volunteer for either a committee member or merit badge counselor to the scout book? If possible it would be great to have the application and merit badge list on the computer, which would then enable the local troop and district council as well as national level to have access without having to print/copy the paper work every time to the different levels? If we could do that we could cut back on paper consumption as well as missing paperwork.

Applications are handled by I do not know if there are plans to add adult leader applications to the electronic application system. Since the BSA does not read these forums, I recommend speaking to your council and/or sending an e-mail to with your request.

I did contact them and this is what they recommended me to do. Oh my we will see how this goes.

For prospective Scouts new to a unit, the online registration process starts via Be-A-Scout. For units both prospective Scouts and Scouters can be invited using an online registration tool. See the unit guidebook at the Online Registration web page.

If your unit has online registration it is likely that your district does for prospective district Scouters. (Note: councils can turn off parts of the online registration for their council.).

When appointed and approved Chartered Organization Representative are automatically members of the district committee.

Prospective District Members-at-Large nominations (not adult application) should be sent to your district nominating committee for review and election by the District Committee. (A volunteer who is not registered in the council will need to submit an adult online or paper application if elected.)

I believe prospective new non-unit position volunteers (MBC, Nova Counselor, Supernova Mentor) can be sent an invitation to register online by the district key-3 or district membership chair if the function has not been turned off by the council. However the online registration system has not been programmed yet to handle the supplemental forms and certifications. There is also the issue of review and approval at the council level that requires review of documents only available on paper. So I suspect most councils are still requiring paper submission of new or multiple position adult applications. The revised Registration Guidebook for BSA, July 2018, may help with moving councils into processing more adult applications online.

Lone Scouting youth and adult applications require paper an application form be submitted.

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