Only 1 of 3 Units Showing in Scoutbook

I have my Primary Unit set as a Sea Scout Ship, but I am also an Adult Participant in a Venturing Crew, and an Adult Leader in a Scouts BSA troop. While I am able to view my membership & advancement through my Ship, I am unable to view my membership in my Troop or my Crew. I also do not appear on their charters, despite both submitting theirs with my name attached, and both received an adult application. I reached out to my council, and they recommended that I reach out for support from Scoutbook, as they suspect the issue lies with Scoutbook itself being unable to process my case. Any help and support is much appreciated.

If you don’t appear on their recharter screens, or their current my.scouting roster screens, you were never registered with the units. Does your council say you are?

If you are not on charter you are not registered - post your MIB and we can investigate.

As of right now, you are registered as an adult participant with a Sea Scout ship and as a Merit Badge Counselor.

When were you added to the troop and crew?

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