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Can't see Crew roster after logging in and self-adding to roster, though admin says I'm an approved Scouter w/the unit

My wife and I have recently registered on Scoutbook as new Scouters, connected our accounts to, and updated our profile/info. I’m an Associate Advisor and she’s a Committee Member with a Venturing Crew 940 in NC.

The problem is, we cannot view the roster of our crew. I called national support, and they said the crew admin has to verify we are accepted and not pending. I talked to my Crew Advisor, who verified we are accepted and that the green check mark is next to our names. She can see all our info.

Yet, we still cannot see/access the roster.

Please assist, thank you!!

Scoutbook makes a distinction between positions and permissions.

Having a position shown on my.scouting and the same one in Scoutbook is good. However, without Scoutbook permission to access a scout, you don’t see more than first name and last initial.

Permissions are normally set when your position is added, then adjusted as needed through the connection manager. Admins are treated differently. Unit [Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship] admins automatically have leader full control to all scouts in the unit; sub-unit [Den] admins, same for only their sub-unit.

If your permissions need to be adjusted, have a unit admin change them. This requires scout by scout adjustment. If there are may scouts, it would be faster to remove your position and recreate it, allowing for a single entry of your permission level.

This response is a bit too technical and does not respond to my question. When I first logged on, I could see the ENTIRE roster, adults approved, adults pending, all Venturers in the crew by first name, last initial, and position. Once I indicated I wanted to be added to the roster, I could see NOTHING, no names of anyone, period. Crew admin already sees me as APPROVED with green check mark. The question is simply how to get that to come back.

Also, more information to add. When my wife and I initially enrolled, our IDs in were set up for a different council than we actually joined. The new council assigned us new IDs, and we had to go back to and use Legacy Web Tools –> Manage Member ID to change them, which was glitchy. I’m wondering if Scoutbook has not merged those IDs, which is causing this problem. I saw another post on the Form that mentioned a similar issue here:

Hi, @KRPataky,

You’re probably correct about the multiple account issue. Merging the BSA IDs in Manage Member ID at my.scouting doesn’t merge existing accounts on Scoutbook.

When you log in to Scoutbook, do you use your email or your my.scouting login information? If you try logging-in to Scoutbook with your email vs your my.scouting credentials, do you get different information (e.g. one can see your unit as you’re used to, whereas the other does not)?

To merge the accounts, send an email to requesting that the accounts be merged, and explaining which BSA ID should be primary.

You are correct, I answered a question you did not ask.

About the BSA id#s - does your number on my.scouting member roster match the number on your Scoutbook account?

In the Edit Profile section, I see the newer, correct version, though it is grayed out. I do use my login ID (not email) when logging in. I cannot login w/my email.

I also used the Setup / Switch Single Sign-On (SSO) Profile option, so I wonder if that screwed anything up. That option said: Do you have a my.Scouting login? If so you can link your my.Scouting account to Scoutbook. Just fill out the form below. Once you link your account you can login to Scoutbook using your my.Scouting UserName and Password.

If you do not have a my.Scouting account it only takes a few minutes. Please visit

Enter the my.Scouting credentials for the BSA number you wish to use in Scoutbook.

It seemed redundant to do this, b/c I could already login to Scoutbook w/my my.scouting id, but I did it anyway, and it said it was successful. Again, not sure if I set myself on fire here or what.

I did email Scoutbook for support on the merging issue…well, the whole issue. really.

Also want to note that I see no green check mark next to myself on the My Account page or next to any of my positions. There is something in the Notes field in my 2 positions which is: AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert.

This is the name of the former district and council I was automatically assigned to when I created a my.scouting account to complete YPT. That council was changed when I transferred, but that note remains.

@KRPataky sounds like you have at least 2 BSA numbers - > Legacy Tools > Manage Member ID should be able to clean it up if you know both of them - go to that and make your one you have log in and password for the PRIMARY number

Thanks, Donovan. Did that a long time ago. Linked correct council to new ID and deleted old ID/council. That’s when all the problems started.

I think this might be where the glitch started. My understanding was that one doesn’t delete the old BSA ID/council, but rather sets the new one as primary. I’d say, if you can find the old BSA ID, I’d go back into Manage Member ID, add the old one back in, and set it to primary and save. Then, without logging out, set the current BSA ID to primary and save. I believe that’s the order Member Care had me merge in my old BSA ID back when I had a duplicate account.

When I put the old ID back in, do I have to put the old council back in? After I change it back to the new council and ID (as primary), do I just leave the old one there? Thanks! Just to be clear, I did set the new ID/council as primary before I deleted the old one? Is this process still needed then?

@KRPataky, that’s what I recall doing. In Manage Member ID at my.scouting, enter the old BSA ID with the old council, set as primary and save. Then, without exiting Manage Member ID, select the new BSA ID (which should have the correct new council with it) and set it as primary. Save and log out. You leave the “old” number on your record since they are both associated with you for long-term record keeping. That might put the right info in Member Manager to allow syncing the two accounts at Scoutbook.

ETA: Actually, I’m not 100% sure you aren’t supposed to log out of my.scouting then back in before reassigning the “correct” BSA ID as primary. It’s been a while since I fixed mine, and I was getting verbal direction from Member Care at the time.

So…tried that…and this is what I got…

The selected council does not match the member ID. Please verify the council name and member id.


Hrm…you may need to talk to BSA Member Care to straighten that out. SUAC, any other suggestions?

Bump! Not hearing back at all from Scoutbook…NO SUPPORT in 48 Hours!! Where’s the service?? :frowning:

@KRPataky - If you emailed you should have received the automatic response with an ssd number.

Yes I did get an automated email response which said I would get support within 48 hours and I have not gotten that support.

@KRPataky - did it perhaps provide a ticket number or a JIRA link ?

Yes. The incident number is SSD-77132.