My son's two profiles (from different Councils) have "crossed"

My son is part of two Councils so he has two BSA ID#s: One for his Ship (127011126), One for his Troop (137092165). Recently we realized his Troop profile (primary) with DWC didn’t have his merit badges showing. Thought it was due to recharter but spoke with Council who completed recharter and the issue still remained.

It looks like his Troop SB profile was somehow partially merged with his Ship profile. When you log into his Ship profile, it has the Ship ID#127011126 but at the bottom of the profile page says he’s a member of the other Council (DWC). After some poking I was able to click a button and pull in his Scouts BSA record into that profile.

The Troop profile (which is primary reg) has no picture and is essentially blank. and it while it has him as connected to the Troop, it’s not fully connected. The only Troop adults connected to him are connected via his SOA profile as MBCs.

So, while it’s showing he is a registered member of the Troop, no adult leaders are connected to him, he shows as not being in a patrol, no Rank, no MBs, no PORs. Any attempts to assign patrol, etc we receive an error message that the Scout is not registered with unit, but Council has already confirmed he was on the completed 2023 charter with that BSA ID#.

He will be 18 in May and is working to finish a few MBs and his Eagle project.

Council has looked but been unable to assist. Any assistance would be appreciated to assist with this matter.

The problem is there is not such a thing as a Primary registration, we are going to have to get developers involved in this @ErinCrowley

Sorry. I will rephrase. He is registered with the Troop in DWC (where he pays his annual membership fee) and that profile is set as Primary in my.scouting. He registers as a Multiple with the Ship in SOA. That was what I was referring to with the Primary registration. Thank you for your assistance.

@DonovanMcNeil I wanted to check in to see if there had been any progress with this issue? Many thanks.

I sent another note on this

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I also wanted to make you aware that his Ship membership will be expiring as he is not renewing with the Ship. The Scouts BSA membership is active and that charter has been completed by DWC.

@ErinCrowley well that changes everything - give me a few minutes

@ErinCrowley ok that is all fixed then

Oh WOW!! I just logged in and saw the change. Only thing is he has several partial merit badges that don’t show as partials now. They were Cooking, Citizenship in Community, Personal Management, Family Life that he was actively working to complete. I do have a detailed advancement report that has all the dates, etc for those MBs. Should I reach out to Council for them to renter?

Did he have partials on both accounts?

@ErinCrowley check it now

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