Opt Out on emails changes on own

I have now twice had to go into Scoutbook and turn off the Opt-Out setting. I am not doing this, can someone tell me if they have seen this and is it possible someone with hire privileges is accidently changing this setting on my account?

There was a dismissible banner about this in Scoutbook I thought. The Scoutbook email servers keep ending up on spam blacklists, and the BSA is using some third-party tool to try to remove allegedly “bad” email addresses. Unfortunately, a large number of good ones keep getting wrapped up in the cull, at least our unit has 3-5 got “dark” every time they do this.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a substantially better solution, since the blacklisting agencies won’t say why the BSA keeps getting on there.


As I posted earlier this week there are 4 cases where the Opt-Out slider can be turned off:

  1. The user turns it off in Scoutbook or by clicking the unsubscribe link in an e-mail from Scoutbook.
  2. The e-mail is returned as non-deliverable (bounces) for ANY reason.
  3. The BSA has twice used a service that validated e-mail addresses. If an address was returned as not valid, the BSA set the opt-out flag. Each time this happened we posted in the Change Log forum.
  4. At the same time as 3. the BSA set the opt-out flag for any Scoutbook account that did not have a current registration or was not connected to a Scout with a current registration.
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Thank you, this is very helpful. I was beginning to think i was going crazy.

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