Accounts with an e-mail found to be bad as Opted Out of e-mail from Scoutbook

Hello - per the announcement, I was able to go in and see who is listed as “no emails”. My next step was to start to look at those people to help them “fix” their email. The first I saw was a person who is actually an BSA employee with email. Any idea why this would be flagged?

First step is to talk to users

What do you mean? I know that is a good email. I just checked the second person. Their email is set to the email that I have used with them. Why would these good emails get flagged?

Yeah, I’m having a similar issue. I see three adults with emails that are now showing as No Emails, but which I know are good (plus one I know is bad that actually needs the account deleted). There’s also a scout whose email address is now showing No Emails, but which I have used recently to message him (and gotten responses).

I know you may not be able to tell us, but is there any way to get word back to the developers that whatever process was used to determine the emails are “bad” likely has some significant number of “false positives”? I don’t want to have the users reset their No Email flags only to have them get flagged again automatically.

No it took valid ones from my unit - talking to developers

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Scoutbook Admins,

Duplicating this post of mine that appeared in another thread, but it makes more sense to post it here. Sorry for the duplication!

How can we keep an email account from being blacklisted? Everything in my profile looks correct and I have gotten Scoutbook emails without obvious issues in the past, but now they are not consistently arriving in my inbox and there’s no evidence of them in any spam/junk email folders. Today I found my account had been set to Opt Out without my knowledge (which I changed back to Opt In). My account uses the domain FYI.



Since you have validated your e-mail address to be correct, switching it to Opt In was the correct action. It should not be automatically switched to Opt Out again.

I’ll send you a private message with more details on your specific situation. Click on your photo in the upper right corner of the forum window when you see a green circle with white number.

Someone reported this to me last night. I opted back in and this morning it was set to opt-out again.

The email is valid

The process that flipped your opt-in back to opt-out is being disabled. It should not happen again.

Just jumping in here with a few questions. If I should open a new thread, please let me know.

Is there any way for a unit key 3 to tell IF a user has opted out of e-mails? The current “no emails” doesn’t clarify whether it is a delivery problem or a user choice. Maybe the “no emails” could be changed to reflect the reason… like “opt out” or “delivery failure” or “no email” if no address exists.

Is there any report we can see of addresses that are bouncing from our unit?

I have 2 ASM’s who have been receiving mail for years and now they are “no emails”. Their addresses are correct. Is it possible that their mail providers are the cause of the bouncing? One is a Yahoo user and the other is



The answer to both of your questions is no.

Any user with No Mail currently go to My Dashboard → My Account → E-Mail and change the slider so that the background is gray to re-enable receiving mail from Scoutbook. Before doing this they should check that the e-mail in Scoutbook is correct.

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The “No Emails” means the person’s opt out slider is in the off/no emails position. It does not explain who put it in that position. Before IT started moving it, it meant the person did it. Now it will take a conversation to find out if the email is good and fixing any error, then changing the slider if the person wants emails.

…and only that person can do it. No one can do it for them.

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I noticed today that three of our adults now show as “No Mail”, including our COR. All three have valid e-mail addresses; we’ve never had an issue communicating with them. Two of them are Yahoo, which given comments above makes me wonder if that’s part of the problem, except that we have other adults using Yahoo that aren’t having any issues. The other is Verizon. Troop admins should be able to re-set them to Opt In.

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They’ll have to turn off the opt out option as described above

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Yes I found the fix it then it was back as blocked again with a couple of my adult leaders too. Very frustrating.

@TammieZemler Are you talking about yourself personally or someone else who turned off the opt out and it flipped back?

Our entire troop has suddenly switched to opt-out status. (100+ accounts to fix). What a mess.

@LeeBurns Please confirm that on the send messages page every single person has “no emails” beside their name?

@LeeBurns - is this reality or just a knee jerk reaction… as Jacob stated, please check before stating that all is lost