Parents that have not opted out of email are showing as opted out

We have several parents in our Troop that have not opted out of email, yet they are listed as opted out and we can’t seem to fix it on our own. Can anyone look into these IDs for us?


Brian Epstein
Troop 91G - Hamilton, NJ

@BrianEpstein - this may well be related to the spam/blacklist issues of late. The users themselves would need to opt back into email.

@BrianEpstein let me take a look

14273493 has logged in and can change it themself under My Account > Email > the toggle at top of page

136401090, 136317670 - had 2 accounts - fixed

122991100 has a sign in but has never signed into SB - they can change it themself

Thank you Donovan, I will work with them to complete the steps you outlined.


@BrianEpstein I sent you a private message.

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