Ways e-mail Opt-Out Switch is Turned On

There are 3 ways the e-mail Opt-Out switch can be turned on:

  1. The user activates the Opt-Out by clicking on the unsubscribe link in an e-mail from Scoutbook or by navigating to My Dashboard → My Account → E-Mail and moving the Opt-Out slider so that the background is red.
  2. An e-mail sent by Scoutbook (calendar reminder or message from unit) bounces. This could be because the address is invalid, the mailbox is full or something else. Scoutbook automatically sets the Opt-Out slider to ON in this case.
  3. The e-mail was reported as not valid by the e-mail address validation system the BSA used to try to get off of the e-mail blacklists. This has been done twice and each time it was reported in the Scoutbook Change Log Forum.

If you have a member with their e-mail Opt-Out switch turned on, before turning it off (gray background) their e-mail address should be validated as correct. To check the address, the member can go to My Dashboard → My Account → Edit Profile. If the address is incorrect, it should be updated prior to turning off the Opt-Out switch.

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IT has also twice opted out every account that at the time was neither in a unit nor a parent/guardian of a scout in a unit. So, someone with a lapse in membership or a duplicate account that switched which one was in the unit could be opted out.

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