Option to hide empty Patrols / Dens

On the Unit Display Page of SB (both pack and troop), a “Show Active Patrols / Show ALL Patrols” “Show Active Dens / Show ALL Dens” checkbox would be very helpful.
When checked, any patrol or den with > 0 scouts is displayed - all others are hidden.
When not checked, all patrols or dens are shown.

It doesn’t matter where the option is. It could be added to a new “gear” icon on the Patrol/Den frame like in the other screens or maybe added as a filter option.

We leave our patrols/dens in the system for re-use. It would be nice to have them displayed when needed and hidden when not needed.

@DanielSmith14 - so let me see if i understand this… on the troop side you have the same patrols year in year out. The scouts do not form their own patrols and names but rather it is dictated to them by the adults…

Yeah I do not follow this? Especially for dens as you can just advance them.

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And SB does not prevent a unit from reusing a den number or patrol name. Use disapprove the den or patrol when it no longer has any Scouts then create a new one later of the number or name is reused. SB doesn’t care what they are called, that’s just for display purposes. Every den or patrol is assigned a unique internal identifier.

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For cubs, we re-use the same Den Numbers (0-9) and just leave them in the system. I didn’t know there was a process to “Disapprove” a den, and I wouldn’t have guessed that was how you retired one.

For scouts, we left the Patrols in there because more often than not, the scouts wanted to re-use a previous patrol name/patch. Definitely not out of a forced stricture or dictate.

It sounds like that is not the recommended approach. Thank you for pointing me toward the correct procedure.

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