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Viewing unit by Patrols or Scouts

Is it possible to switch between viewing a unit by patrol or by scouts? What I mean is when we first started using Scoutbook all the scouts were not assign to patrols and we were able to look at the list and directly find the scout account that needs attention. After assigning the scouts to patrols though now I only see the patrol list and have to remember which patrol they are in. We are a decent size unit with 77 scout and several patrols.

Hopefully I am just overlooking a toggle or setting somewhere. Any help will be appreciated.

Look at the Troop Roster button just below the list of patrols:

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For our pack, the scouts are in dens. After the list of dens is a list of options; one is pack roster. Clicking this gives a list of scouts in alpha order. Use the gear icon to switch from first name sort to last name; other options are available.

I imagine that the same type of option would exist for a troop.


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