Random Den added to Scoutbook pack view

I have a random Den that was added to my unit view in Scoutbook. There are 0 scouts in the den. In the edit den view, I can “Activate” the den, but no way to delete the den. Any thoughts?

What is the name or number of the den?

I had a Tiger Den 7 added to my view.

I already had a Webelos Den 7 that has scouts in it.

Do you have any Den Chiefs?

I do not have any Den chiefs

@JasonKracht - the only other thing i could think of is a youth or adult leadership position enter on past dates.

The den didn’t exist in Scoutbook until a week or so ago. I have not added any Youth or Adults to the den.

@JasonKracht - not what i meant. I was talking about the history of either youth or scouts. I suggest looking at the members/leaders in that webelos den to see what is in the leadership history.

You could try running a roster builder report with youth and adult positions showing and scanning for that den. That’d at least tell you where to focus.

Nothing shows in the Webelos den that would point at this other den (that randomly showed up in my Scoutbook view about a week ago).

Nothing found in Roster builder. No-one assigned to this den that just randomly showed up a week ago. No leaders are assigned to this den. Scoutbook will only give me the option to approve or advance the den. No option to delete the Den that has no members in it.

@JasonKracht - did you go to each scout/leader in that Webelos den 7 and look at leadership positions?

Yes, I looked at membership, and leadership for all scouts & adults in the webelos den.

Does the edit den button show up?

@JasonKracht - do the dens retain the same number as they move forward each year

@JasonKracht I can set up a screenshare to look at it or get into your unit to figure it out

I was going to suggest the same thing.

Yes, I can schedule some time.

The edit den button shows “Advance” or “Approve”

I would Approve - then see if you can delete after that