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Organization Manager > Email Settings > Fee Emails

I am trying to get a handle on:

  • what this setting does,
  • what new registrants are seeing when they signup,
  • how much and where that money goes at registration,
  • and if the balance is carried over to Scoutbook.

I want to map the system, so we can ensure the pitch messaging equals the experience, and also, to make our treasurer’s job easier by using all the tools available to make things happen automatically.

All guidance appreciated!

I believe this is used to send information to the applicant about your Pack/Troop fees that are separate from what goes to National and Council.

I know of no unit that uses the fee tool. I imagine it goes to your council account. It does not feed to Scoutbook and there are no plans to make it feed to scoutbook

We have had the box checked for at least 3 years since I reached a level to get permissions to this part of my.scouting for our unit.

Just so I am crystal clear: are you saying that the only fees collected are the national charter fee, and the new member registration fee (if applicable)?

It seems like it would pretty straight forward to have a universal fee box in Scoutbook, and that this fee could be collected at registration, and then when the resources flow into the council they would automatically be separated using the same tool as popcorn.

Here’s how I see the process working.

Unit Committee sets unit annual fee that is set in Scoutbook.
That fee is entered into a data box that looks like the my.scouting fee email box.

Committee set Scoutbook fee box: 115
January Registration National charter fee, new user fee : 72+25 (collected at registration)

a) if the fee box is checked on my.scouting, the total collected should be 43 (==115-72) + 72+25 == 140. When that fee is received, the credit automatically arrives at the bank, using the Scoutbook dues paying tool, and the scout would carry a PAID zero balance due onto their roster.
b) If the fee box is NOT checked, then the scout should automatically show up on the roster with an account balance due of the net between the Scoutbook fee box and the prorated national charter fee collected.
c) If these options are not feasible, then when a unique scout shows up “not assigned to den” the dream would be a single 2 part window “what den, and how much do you want to assign their dues balance?”

Scoutbook and My.Scouting and VERY Separate tools. If you click the fee box you can define what is owed there.

We have had the fee box clicked for several years.

Is that fee collected, or is it just like a popup notification?

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 1.18.44 PM

What does the registrant experience when that box is checked and the number 43 is assigned to it?

$43 is added to their registration cost - where that money goes I do not know - as stated before I assume it goes to national, then council, and council gets it to unit in whatever way they have setup - that is why we do NOT use it - we just include a note in email that there are other fees

Ok, I’ll wait a few days and then explore with national office.

@ChristopherCalle - the only universal fee is the national assessment. Council fees and unit dues can vary wildly.

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@ChristopherCalle If you could report back, that would be great. I haven’t looked at that setting in over a year. If we could include our unit dues, that would be great. If it went from the new scout, to national, to council, and then into our unit account at council, that would be pretty awesome.

I was always under the impression that the “Fee Emails” checkbox simply sent out an email with the unit fee amount, along with whatever note you include.

You can find a description at about 3:30 in the Step 3: Configuring Online Registration on this page.

My issue with this, is that unit specific information like this should be displayed up front to the user, i.e. before they start the registration process. Not after they’ve registered, and paid the national/council fee. To be honest, it’s not actually clear when the email is sent out in the process.

But I think this is another reason why many units are afraid of turning online applications on. Too many people go through the registration process before they’ve even contacted the unit, and that sets us up for a very bad customer experience.

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@SageLichtenwalner - yes to this… between us being a PA based council and the often odd notifications of action items with on-line applications… we will not ever enable on-line anything for youth or adults.

It seems to imply it will charge the value in the blank. Ours defaulted to -1, but I wonder if we put a value in the blank, would it include it?