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Organization Not Found when trying to enter camping events

Trying to go back and manually enter the activities that support didn’t migrate during this (frankly) haphazard transition from scoutbook.com to scoutbook.scouting.org, but we can’t. Error message “Organization Not Found, verify that the GUID belongs to an existent [sic] organization. GUID: C43A8B10-8C31-43A5-A063-0F30114ABC82.”

I am having a similar issue when attempting to enter Service hours. I also notice there is no Organization info listed for the Troop, but there is info for the Pack. So I assume there would be no issue entering for the pack, only an issue for the Troop. Not sure how to remedy.

@NeilNewman It looks like your council has not processed the troop’s recharter yet. That is probably the issue.

Thank you Jennifer. I will reach out to our local council to see what is going on with the recharter.

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