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Multiple Internet Advancement Issues

I’ve read through a bunch of forum posts and it doesn’t seem like my problems are unique but I couldn’t find solutions so I’m posting here:

  1. Logging in I get an error: Organization not found, verify that the organizationGUID belongs to an existent organization - organizationGuid: CB1F70F2-EE93-4026-861A-39ED02746987
    (I tried to fix this for my son by manually going to his profile and editing it to complete the change from Water and Woods to Michigan Crossroads - I don’t really want to do this for all boys in the unit manually so will it be addressed in a future release? Plus, even though I made that switch, I still get the error.)

  2. I can’t see any of his previous Service Hours/Camping/Hiking Logs from before the switch out of Scoutbook to IA. I can see the 3 hiking items added since the switch (though they are not calculating on the left side of screen.

  3. When I go to the Reports page it does not give me any options to create or run a new report (so I can’t try and retrieve old hike/camp/service info that way either).

I’m hoping this is all tied to the issue with #1 and once that is fixed the rest will fall into place.

They are working on some issues, but if you are a unit Admin, then you can export the old / legacy hiking, camping, and service logs by going to:

your main unit page in Scoutbook -> Export / Backup ->Legacy Camping, Hiking, Long Cruise and …

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Thank you for that workaround for now