GUID not found

I have a scouter that is able to get into My.Scouting, but unable to access Internet Advancement. He receives an error “Organization not found, verify that the organizationGUID belongs to an existent organization”

If you provide their membership number (no names), we can check what is going on.

thank you for checking on this

@MichaelHeger Please ask the user to log out of Scoutbook / my.scouting, and then try logging in again.

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From the scouter…
"Not working yet. I was able to get in with the changed password (I have reset).

I am on work PC now (so different).

I have logged out all over, cleared cache and incognito.

One item of note, not sure this is cause, but in Scoutbook I still have this invalid girl troop. We had started it before BSA created one and when that happened BSA created a different one. I am wondering if that is causing issues? I am the last person in it and cannot remove myself.

Can someone delete that empty girl troop or is there someone I can make the admin of it and remove me?"

@MichaelHeger Yes, I think that might be it.

I’m going to close / end all of his positions and roles with the G troop, and then request a position sync. He might need to wait overnight, but hopefully that will resolve the issue for him.

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Checked in with him this morning - still not luck. I will have the council submit a ticket at this point.