Our Committee Chair Disappeared from Scoutbook, but shows in My.Scouting

Our Committee Chair is not is Scoutbook. Roberto Castillo (13307828) shows in My.Scouting, but not in Scoutbook,

@PhilippeJakimowicz I fixed should be fixed in the morning

Same here, our Committe Chair,(name removed by moderator), 13644785. Exact same problem. He used to be on Scoutbook this year.

@RobertBissell I am working on this.

@RobertBissell that will be fixed in the morning

@RobertBissell Donovan has already made a partial fix, although you will need to wait for an overnight process to run.

However, please contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up his children. In the “Relationships” section, they need to be connected to him (parent / child relationships) under his correct BSA member number: 13644785. They should remove the other one.

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