Outdated language

If you look at Lion Outdoor Activity Awards, it says “Boys may earn the award” rather than Scouts.


Can you point us to where you are seeing this language? We do not see a Lion Outdoor Activity Award in Scoutbook.

@TerriIfland - from all I can tell… Lions do not earn that award

@TerriIfland - do you have a screenshot of the language in question ?

Lions do not earn this award, but the button is found in the Scout’s award menu, like it would be for the ranks that can earn it.

I’m guessing it’s old wording. I’ve not seen the wolf track pins used on the other ranks either.

@TerriIfland - ok that is old language and no doubt from the beginning of scoutbook when it was a non-BSA property. On the wolf track pins:

The team might as well scour the tips entries for old language or references

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