Outdoor / committee member is unable to update Attendance

I have added her permissions to the outdoor activity coordinator and gave her full control. She still can only update her son’s attendance. What am I missing?

We need a BSA member number or Scoutbook userID in order to take a look at your Outdoor Activities Coordinator.

Her userid is : Lmchesky11

@DonaldClark_Jr - I would think the role plus view of all scouts would work.

You would think, but “full control” at different levels means different things. I would also like to know what does the different levels mean for Scout, Parents, Leaders, Key 3.

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This might help answer some of your questions about the permission structure in Scoutbook:

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She has a Committee Membership Coordinator position that is not approved, although that position has been replaced with New Member Coordinator. That shouldn’t be the issue, though.

How exactly is she trying to update attendance? Scoutbook? Internet Advancement? Scouting mobile app?

Through the calendar in scoutbook.

@DonaldClark_Jr We have been able to reproduce this bug. We are reporting it to the developers.

@JenniferOlinger - roger that…

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