Unit Outdoor / Activities Chair Role - Attendance

Our Adult Leader has position Unit Outdoors / Activities Chair position assigned as well has been given “full control” under connections manager; but cannot still take attendance for Pack with events with in SB. Please advise.

What is the leader’s BSA ID (no names needed)? With that, the SUAC folks should be able to look at the account.

To make sure we’re talking about the same thing, you’re talking about the attendance module in the Scoutbook calendar (star in lower right of event invitees list), not adding folks to events in the Activity Logs? The latter set of permissions is different, I believe.


@DSR - and the event has to pass its scheduled start date/time in order to see the attendance function. They also have to have view rights to all scouts if my memory serves me correctly… that is always questionable…

@CharleyHamilton … BSA 133393079 / UserID 8794001 & yes attendance star for tracking at past or a today event. Thanks!

@Stephen_Hornak … yes correct we tried again as a test to a past event & no go the OAC even has full control in connections manager too.

Do they not see the attendance star at all? Or something else?

@jacobfetzer … Yes they can see the star and can only select the scouts that is directly in their Den but not everyone in the Pack. This User only has 1 Den Admin privileges and not Pack Admin.

As a test, if you put an end date on their den admin role, does it give them access to take attendance for all? Or remove it for all?

Is the leader connected to all of the Scouts in the pack?

@edavignon … connected yes with Full control in connection manager

@jacobfetzer … we did as you suggested and did not work. User could only take attendance on their children.

Since the Den Admin role added/removed their ability to mark off people in their Den, maybe they need the Pack Admin role to take attendance for unit events?
I would recommend giving the Pack Admin role to the Outdoor Activities Chair anyways, so they can add/edit unit calendar events, activity logs, payment logs, & message all parents. The Full Control connection allows them to mark adventure & award requirements as Completed (not sure about marking Approved, but that definitely comes with Pack Admin).

Could you try making her a committee secretary also?

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