Adult Admin User - Cannot see scout accounts

I have an adult volunteer user, that cannot access scout records for updating.

She has
committee member role
admin role
Membership coordinator role
New Parent coordinator role

what are we missing? I am a new scoutbook admin still learning the ropes, thank you for your help user ID 1449184

@DeniseGuerra1 - is she listed on the roster at

In order to check the official roster at, a leader needs to be: Unit Key 3 (CM/SM,CC/COR), Key 3 Delegate, or (I think) have the Membership Inquiry role assigned. Key 3 Delegates and other functional roles are assigned in the Position Manager under Roster in the left-side menu at

Go to your unit roster, click on this leader’s name, select the Admin role then click update without making any other changes. That should reset her connections to all Scouts.

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