Pack Payment Log Question

This is what my pack payment log currently looks like. When we began using scoutbook and the payment logs when they first originated, there was not a pack payment log option. So, it was never set up. How do I make this reflect our current bank account balance or even maybe the balance as of 9/1 so I can then enter all transactions from the beginning of our scouting year forward to be able to then generate a treasurers report?

I appreciate help from anyone regarding this.
Joy Ragnow-Guzy,
Pack 533,
Kenosha WI

Joy, check out the help page What kind of financial recording does Scoutbook Provide? - Payment Logs (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

I believe this will have the information you need to get going. If you have questions after reading this - feel free to post a follow-up question!

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