Pack Roster Error

For the last few weeks, when I click Pack Roster it spins for a few moments and then says Error Loading Page. I got it to work one time and I noticed I had the feature to show parent names with the scout names turned on. We’re a big pack with around 150 adults and leaders. I’m wondering if the number of returned names is causing a time out. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you in advance for the help!

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Others have seen this.

We have a troop with 100 scouts and many adult leaders. I am not able to see the roster either. I can go into patrols and find scouts there. I also can run a roster report. I just can’t see the entire roster.

I have reported this to the developers


I can confirm this just started happening for me too. 92 scouts + many registers adults! For some reason it seems to have just stopped working a day or so for me.


I have pinged the developers again.

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We need a few UnitIDs - you can find it in URL of unit SB Page UnitID=XXXXXXXXX

Our UnitID is 83983. Pack 5047.

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