Retrieval of unit roster fails with large pack


In Scoutbook, I’m clicking on ‘Pack Roster’ from the main screen, it the spinner with ‘Loading’ shows for 60 seconds and then disappears without displaying the pack roster. We’re a large unit with 28 leaders, 104 cub scouts, and the youths’ parents. I have noticed this before when the unit gets to around 100 scouts but goes away when we get back into the 80s-90s range. The behavior is variable (sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t) but it definitely gets worse the larger the pack.

When I look at the browser web console I see the specific URL being accessed is:
and it’s failing with HTTP 504 (gateway timeout).

I suspect some underlying operation should be cached and/or parallelized to minimize the request time.

With 69 Cubs we see it. It seems like 8 of 10 tries fail.

We have reported this issue.
Have you tried Internet Advancement? Can you get in there OK?

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