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We have a new Lion, 12895369 who has no parent in SB. He was registered online by dad. If I search for dads email or name it says no matching account. He’s also not listed in Connection Manager. If I try to add a new parent it says the parent email already exists.
What is the correct way to add a parent to this Scout?

Thank you!

In principle, the parent should have already been connected when the online registration process finished and the scout was added to the official roster. If you post the scout’s BSA ID (no names please!), the SUAC volunteers may be able to diagnose the issue further.

Currently, searching for non-registered-scouter adults is broken. If the parent already has another scout in your unit, a unit admin or Key 3 member (CC,COR,CM) can make the connection through a workaround.

  • Go to the Scoutbook roster page

  • Go to Connections Manager

  • Page down to the parent’s name

  • Add a View only connection between the parent and scout

  • Save, then:

  • Go back to the scout’s name in the Scoutbook roster, and click on it

  • Select Scoutname’s Connections

  • Select the parent’s name, and change the connection type to Parent/Guardian.

Please note, this last step is irreversible at the unit level, so make sure you’re connecting the correct adult as a parent.

If not, there is another work-around here: Lion and AOL with no parent connection - #2 by DonovanMcNeil

The Scout ID is 14783947. I am a Key 3 delegate, the parent is not listed in connections.

Thank you!

@JenniferFerraz The parent is usually automatically connected.

In this case, however, the parent has 2 BSA member ID numbers:

14783948 - Lion Adult Partner registration
14783936 - Parent / child user relationships

Ideally, you would want any registered positions to be under the same BSA member number as the one that has the parent / child user relationships.

@JenniferFerraz I have made an initial connection between the Scout and the parent in Scoutbook.

You will need to go to the Scout’s Connections page, click on the parent’s name, and then update the connection type to “parent / guardian”.

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ve got him straightened out. His parent should only have one account, since Lion AP isn’t a registered position?

We have another new scout that just joined that is also missing his parent, who was also an online applicant. He is a Bear. Most of our new members this fall have been online and the parents have come through fine. The scouts ID is 14511815

Thank you.

Lion Adult Partner / Tiger Adult Partner are registered positions. However, they are not adult leaders (YPT not required, no criminal background check, not approved by COR, etc.).

Ideally, you want the Adult Partner (and other registrations, if any) and the parent / child relationships to be under a single BSA member number in the same council. Your local council can fix with their Registrar tools.

For your new Bear Scout, the adult does not yet have a Scoutbook userID.

Edited: Please ask the adult to log in to Scoutbook with his my.scouting username and password. This should create a Scoutbook userID for the adult, and then they can be connected.

I’m trying to add a parent connection for a second parent and search says no account for this person. She has an account with other scouts so I do not want to duplicate an account. This seems to be a recurring problem.

Please add parent 14464032 to Scout 14506867

Thank you.

@KarenGraves1 This is a known issue. If the other scouts are in your same unit, see @CharleyHamilton ’s workaround above.

I have two new Lions who registered online and are also missing any parent info. Normally I would make a copy of the paper application before turning it in, but since the application was done online, I don’t have their info to try inviting them to Scoutbook. Or our next meeting!

You can go and “see” their online application. It doesn’t show it by default, so you have to change the “filter”. This is the only crazy software I have seen where it “filters” out stuff without really giving any indication it is doing that. You just have to “know”.

So, login to my.scouting>menu>Your Unit>Application Manager. From there you are like “it’s gone, too bad!”. But! Their horrible interface to the rescue. Click on the obscure and horrible “filter icon”. Click the checks in front of “Closed” and “Completed”. Show Results.

Ignore the checkboxes in front of the entries. Just click on a person. Then click on “Download Application”. Then you see what they registered with.

Ugh! But it should be there.

@ChristyDryden Can you provide both of the scouts’ member numbers (no names)?


Thanks for the detailed explanation. Just need to get access to the application reinstated first. (I was mysteriously dropped from the roster last spring. Still trying to get all the permissions back where they need to be!)

This first one is registered as a Tiger.

The issue with both of these is that the associated parents have 2 BSA ID member numbers (MIDs). One MID has the parent / child user relationships. The other MID has the adult partner registration. Ideally, you want the user relationships and any registrations to be under the same MID in the same council.

@ChristyDryden You need to be added back as a Key 3 Delegate at my.scouting.

I have made an initial connection between the Scouts and their parent. You will need to go to each Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook, click on the parent’s name, and update the connection type to “Parent / Guardian”.

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All of this will be hard to impossible to work until then.

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