Lion Parent not in Scoutbook

I have a Lion that does not have a parent listed on his Scoutbook account. When I search for the parents email address under the “Search for existing user”, I get the name of the Lion. Do I use that record that appears for the Lion or can I add the parent as a new connection?


Please do not add the record that appears for the Lion.

If you post the BSA member number, we can take a look. (No names, please)

Thanks! BSA# 14436928.

@CourtneyAtkinson In Scoutbook, please go to the Scout’s Connections page.

Scroll down, and click the name of the parent.
Update the relationship type to parent / guardian.
Click Update to save.

Thank you. I swear his father’s info was not there earlier. Either way, it’s fixed now.

I just added it a few minutes ago.

@CourtneyAtkinson You still need to add the parent / guardian connection type.



Done. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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I think this is a symptom of the wider issue the past week of approved scouts not syncing over to scoutbook. I had one that was stuck, and although they finally came through it was with zero parents. I have since added the “other” parent that did not fill out the application, but can’t add the parent that did do the registering. I have not created a new account to prevent a mess.

Scout BSA ID# 14449870
Missing adult BSA ID#: 14449869


Yes, BSA I.T. is investigating.

@JoshSteinhurst I have added a connection, but you will need to change the connection type to parent / guardian.

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