Parent connected to scout with wrong member ID

Greater Colorado Council, Frontier District, Troop 376B has a scout who has a parent connection with an incorrect member id. Scout - LC MID 13449064. Parents who should be connected to (name removed by moderator) - DS MID 14110399 and JC MID 14248303. Both parents are in Troop 376B as registered committee members. I do not see how we can change this on our end. Additionally, there are problems with Scoutbook 2 member id’s mentioned above. Thank you for your assistance.

Your council can use the volunteer support tools to remove the incorrect connection. Aside from that, what are the other issues?

The DS and LC have the same member ID in Scoutbook 2 and neither of those are accurate either.

I am going to send you a private message. Watch for the notification on the C in the upper right corner.

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