Need help removing 2 parent connections

Hello - we have been making a strong push to get all of our parents setup and connected on Scoutbook but are running into some account issues for a variety of reasons. One of the issues is we have duplicate parents on the same scouts who are brothers and I can’t seem to delete them correctly. The correct user IDs are 12385841 & 12385842.

The incorrect IDs are 10041875 and 10041877. Can you please remove these two incorrect IDs?

Thank you!

Councils can remove incorrect parent connections.

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@LeonardToscano Is this a duplicate Scoutbook account issue? Or wrong parent connection?

Duplicate accounts - two accounts for mom two accounts for dad. 12385841 & 12385842 are the correct ones that allow the parents to log in and see their scouts.

10041875 and 10041877 are the incorrect ones.

@LeonardToscano I am looking in to this.

@LeonardToscano These should be fixed now.

It is! Thank you very much for the quick response!

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